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Does it really matter?

One of the most common questions I get talking to people that wants to, or have decided to, start drawing or painting is about what materials I use. Which paper is best for sketching? Which wacom? But really, that's not it. The materials has less to do with your creativity and creations than you think. Of course a hand made watercolor paper might interact with your colors in a specific way. And a brand new wacom with the latest updates and super extra sensitive pen might be a little bit better at some specific stuff than an older version. But do not get lost in these woods. If you want to create, do it. Do NOT wait for a certain pen or brush. Just start. When sketching I have very few needs. I need a pen of some kind. I prefer led, but it can also be one of the color pencils my kids fills coloring books with. And the only need I have when it comes to the paper I'm sketching on is that it's matte so the pen moves smootly and doesn't wear off easily. You know the paper yo

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